What is Gap Year DIY?

It’s a unique website that puts you directly in contact with organisations around the world offering all kinds of exciting opportunities – for free.

What’s the Goal?

Gap Year DIY makes it easier and cheaper to discover new opportunities for work, volunteering and adventure travel around the world.

Why we’re unique?

Most opportunities on Gap Year DIY are posted by the individual or company offering them. There is no ‘middleman’ and no commission to pay, saving you money.

“I went on a solo backpacking trip a couple of years ago, and really wish I had something like Gap Year DIY back then to help me find opportunities. I’ll definitely be using it this time round! ”

– Carly Smith

How does Gap Year DIY work?

1. Choose your location

If you already know where you want to go, go ahead and enter it in to the search form. If not, explore our destination pages for inspiration.

2. Narrow down the search

Next up is deciding what you want to do and when. Use the advanced search feature to filter listings best suited to you.

3. Browse listings

Look through the opportunities to see what listings match your search. You can then click through to see a full description and more details.

4. Make it happen

Once you’ve found an opportunity you’re interested in, log in and gain full access to the contact details of the provider.

It’s your Gap Year. Leave Your Legacy.

Adventure travel doesn’t have to come packaged up with an itinerary and tour guide at a premium price. Nor should opportunities to volunteer or work abroad only be accessible to those already “in the know”, or handed out by large travel companies for a fee.

We want to make it easy for everyone to get out into the world, have a great time, make a difference and leave their legacy. Gap Year DIY cuts out the middlemen and puts you in touch directly with the organisations offering exciting opportunities for work, volunteering and adventure travel around the world.

We think gap year’s should be done your way, so whether you’re at the planning stage, or coming to the end of a trip and realise you’re not quite ready to go home yet, check out the opportunities across the site and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Gap Year Backpacker


Something for everyone.

We appreciate that all kinds of people take a gap year. Some are looking for spontaneity and flexibility, some are looking for a more complete package. That’s why Gap Year DIY includes opportunities from 2 areas; some direct from the source and some from tour operators.

What’s the difference between Direct Source and Tour Operator?

Direct Source: The listing is by the individual that owns and personally delivers the opportunity on the ground.  You are able to make direct contact, meaning there is no middleman involved and therefore, no commission to pay.

Tour Operator: The listing is by an organisation where the owner of the organisation is not personally delivering the opportunity themselves on the ground. They are either arranging a travel package via a 3rd party or promoting the opportunity on behalf of someone else. And yes, this means they are in fact ‘the middleman’ – which is why we require all tour operator opportunities to have a discount of at least 10%.

So whichever opportunity you’re interested in, by using Gap Year DIY you’re saving money. Awesome, right?

Stand out from the rest.

Taking a gap year is the perfect opportunity to gain extra skills, beef up your CV and get ahead of the competition. These days employers are looking beyond academic qualifications and are looking for individuals that stand out and can demonstrate passion and commitment.


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