+264 81 1403322

Michael Prior

575 Euro per week per person


Not free

All day



Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner and the program


Go Vet Program  Certificate in order to take part in the vet program

Go Wildlife Program- No Skills are required

Go Caretaker - Must be booked for atleast 4 to 5 weeks and be an animal lover




8 Hours

Harnas Wildlife Foundation

volunteer in Namibia

Up to 2 weeks


Harnas Wildlife Foundation is an experienced and active player in the conservation of Namibian wildlife, the protection of natural resources and is providing social, rational and physical… Read more »

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+264 81 721 6086


330 Euro per week


Not free

All day

- Food


-Airport transfer from airport or Windhoek to the farm

-All activities

- Laundry service

-Wi-Fi services


You don't need any skills

Be Wild

Up to 2 weeks

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

PROTECTING NAMIBIA’S WILDLIFE The Be Wild volunteer project is the perfect place for you to live your dream whether your interests lie in helping orphaned or injured… Read more »

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