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Medical Projects

The medical volunteer project is categorized as a SKILL BASED VOLUNTEER area and in Jaipur, it encompasses the following major activities:

  • Nursing
  • Dentistry
  • Assisting General Physician
  • Veterinary
  • Physiotherapy/ Special Therapists – Aqua Therapy, Speech Therapy etc.

These projects are carried out at different places according to requirements. Hospitals, family planning centres, private nursing homes, animal rescue centres, special children centres are some places covered. There is a possibility of field work in medical camps and animal rescue missions.

Nursing: Trainee Nurses are part of this volunteer program that allows them an exposure to working in hospitals and health centres along with trained professionals. This job requires high levels of dedication and also demands diligence.

The volunteers are placed in projects where senior practitioners will be there to guide them and involve them in basic activities like:

  • Record and Case History Maintenance
  • Basic diagnosis
  • First Aid
  • Day-to-Day care activities for the patients

Dentistry: Based on the interest of the volunteer he/she is attached to a senior practitioner as an assistant. General dentists, orthodontists, cosmetic dentistry specialists are some possibilities.

Being new to the field, the volunteers are allowed to perform the following:

  • Daily equipment maintenance
  • Patient record maintenance
  • Setting up the area for therapy
  • Observing the doctor’s work

Assisting General Physician: Being a highly skilled area of volunteering, the volunteer is expected to assist the physician in many ways. They are:

  • Helping in health checks
  • Helping in medical camps
  • Spreading awareness
  • Patient counselling
  • Patient record maintenance.
  • Vaccination campaign

Veterinary: Similar to the general physician the veterinary volunteer activity is rather related to animals. Specially selected animal rescue centres that operate as Non-Profits are selected for this activity. Activities involved are

  • Animal Hygiene
  • Vaccination
  • Dressing and bandages
  • Cleaning cages/sheds
  • Stock keeping of medical supplies
  • Animal rescue missions

Physiotherapy/ Specialized Therapy (Aqua Therapy, Speech Therapy): Currently this volunteering position is offered in a centre of special kids.

It broadly covers:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Equestrian Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Time Commitment


Day(s) of the week:

Time of the day:

Hours per day:
4-6 Hours

Skills needed

  • Education background in related field of studies ex. - Nursing, Psychology, Medical, Veterinary, etc.
  • If you have any past experience of work in related field, it will be an advantage.

What's included

  • Welcome meeting & Orientation
  • Accommodation with host family (Joint family)
  • All meals in a day (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Arrival / departure transfers
  • Daily project transfers by local mode of transportation
  • At-project assistance by project executive
  • City tour of Jaipur & Heritage walking tour of walled city
  • Cultural workshops like Yoga, Henna, Hindi language
  • Resource material required at project (as per plan only)

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