Pricing Plans

5 listings for 12 months

£30.00 (GBP)

1 listing for 12 months

£0.00 (GBP)

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1) What does my plan consist of?

Depending on your plan, you’ll either have 1 free listing or, if you want to connect with more customers and have more exposure on the site, 5 listing slots. At £6 per listing per year, it’s great value. Each listing slot can be changed as many times as you like through the duration of your plan, free of charge.


2) What happens at the end of my plan?

You will be notified when your plan is about to expire and you will then have the opportunity to renew your plan. This will ensure your listings remain visible in search results. If you choose not to renew your plan, your listings will no longer be searchable but remain in your account as drafts.


3) How do I remove a listing from the search results?

Each listing requires an expiry date. If the listing is still live when this date is reached it will automatically revert to a draft. If you want to remove it before this date, you can either set the listing to a draft yourself for use in the future, or completely delete the listing.

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