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Volunteer In Haiti
Haiti has long been the poorest country in the western hemisphere. When that tragedy appeared in the form of the January 2010 earthquake, the results were devastating.
We are focusing increasingly on long-term development issues rather than disaster response with many projects in Haiti.

Volunteer In Haiti
Although Haiti has been known as the poorest country in the western hemisphere; still getting a chance to volunteer enables you to visit the place as well as serve humanitarian goals.

Through these programs you not only actively participate in some noble cause, you also get a chance to know about the culture and people. These programs require teamwork and thus you need to work closely with other team members. Through these interactions, you also get to know about them, different places and culture that they come from.

Our volunteers contribute to a range of programs like orphanage, community development, construction, agriculture, and various other healthcare projects. b

It takes a very special person to become a volunteer and if you’re reading this then you’ve probably got what it takes. The desire to help others, the ability to harness existing skills, the determination to try new areas of activity and, most crucially the belief that you can make a real, tangible difference to some of the world’s most desperate people.

Top Reasons to Apply
• Volunteering in Haiti will be a really eye opening and life changing experience
• People live in pretty horrendous conditions but you can play a role in improving the country
• Meet like-minded volunteers from all over the world
• Escape your comfort zone and experience a totally different culture and country
• Working in Haiti will be a humbling experience which might put your life into perspective

Time Commitment


Day(s) of the week:

Time of the day:

Hours per day:

Skills needed

No experience/skills required

What's included

Accommodation, food (Three meals per day) laundry and local transportation. 1/3 of that money is used to fund our projects. You will pay less if you will spend many weeks with us.

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