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Harnas Wildlife Foundation is an experienced and active player in the conservation of Namibian wildlife, the protection of natural resources and is providing social, rational and physical education to those who seek the benefit thereof. But above all, Harnas Wildlife Foundation strives to give back to every living being what is relevant to its existence as far as our capabilities will allow.

For the last 35 years, Harnas has been actively involved in the care, rehabilitation and rescue of neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Harnas has rescued more than 380 indigenous wild animals to date, many
of them still living at Harnas.
To enable us to reach our dreams, Harnas Wildlife Foundation has to employ the skills of many willing hands. With their constant help and support, Harnas Wildlife Foundation now boasts some local and
international experts.
Our volunteer guests play a vital role in the condition of Harnas Wildlife Foundation as a whole. Some come for three weeks and some for three months, regardless, without our volunteers, Harnas Wildlife Foundation
would not be what it is today.
Most of all, Harnas gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the animals by providing the animals that cannot be released the best living conditions and care. We believe that all animals deserve
a second chance and that they are entitled to be put back into their natural habitat where they can lead a free life without human disturbance. You can make a difference in animal conservation today by joining our volunteer programs.
Harnas Wildlife Foundation offers a once in a lifetime experience where volunteers can take part in several aspects of wildlife conservation and community enrichment.
Each of the Harnas programs is unique. Programs may change and are always subject to the circumstances, time and safety of the moment.
You will find more detail about each program on the specific pdf file.

Please note that Namibian law reserves the right to change and maintain the way in which people are allowed to interact with animals. Namibian Law prohibits hands on interaction with large carnivores.
We welcome you on to our project and hope that you will have an
enjoyable and memorable experience and an adventure of a lifetime! 

Project Highlights

• Live in the African Bush
• Work hands on with and care for animals
• Assist and take part in enrichment activities
• Help give animals a second chance
• Learn about conservation and some of Africa’s wildlife
• Food preparation and feeding of the predators
• Animal encounters and interactions
• Animal sleep outs
• Fear factor games
• Survivor games
• Dress up nights
• Bush walks
• Animal walks
• Star gazing
• Nature drives
• Night drives
• Feeding drives


Volunteer requirements

We ask our volunteers to be animal lovers. You will be expected to work hands on with many of our animals, as well as potentially with sick or injured wildlife. A love of animals is a definite must. We also ask you to
come with an open mind. Life here is likely to be very different from what you are used to back home, but it is amazing how quickly you get used to life on the farm and do not want to leave! Please respect those you are working with, from fellow volunteers, coordinating staff to other farm staff. Every person has their job, which is crucial to the proper functioning of the farm, so please listen to and be respectful of guidelines and instructions.
Basic Level of competency in English

Copy of return flight itinerary
Medium level of fitness
Smiles and a sense of humour
Be an animal lover
Expect the unexpected
Be out of your box
Make a difference
Be yourself, be open minded and challenge yourself


• Transfer between Windhoek and Harnas on arrival & departure days
• Accommodation
• All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
• All activities
• Weekly laundry service
• Cabin cleaning service
• Bed linen & towels
• Help with Visa processing
• Donation to Harnas conservation efforts
• 24 hour support


• Flights
• Transport between Airport and Windhoek
• Accommodation outside Harnas
• Medical/travel Insurances
• Medical expenses
• Visa/ cost of visa
• Personal items

Check List of useful items to bring

Please be aware that Namibia’s summer months are very warm, whereas the winter months are generally hot during the day and can get very, very cold at night (below freezing!). If you are traveling to Namibia during the months of May to August, please make sure you bring warm clothes for evenings and mornings.
Please also remember that while working, you may get dirty and you will be working in close contact with animals. Please bring clothes that are ready to work just as hard as you are! Finally, while you will be working with international volunteers on a farm that is used to foreign visitors, please avoid wearing extra short shorts or overly revealing tops out of respect for local customs and social habits.
Proof of travel/medical insurance
Proof of payment
Casual light weight working clothes
Long trousers/pants
Small backpack for daily use
Water bottle
Comfortable and durable work/hiking boots
Sandals or flip flops
Fleece or warm jackets
A good pair of leather/work gloves
Sunscreen and hat
Swim wear, towel – (there is a pool at the volunteer village)
Raincoat and gumboots (only if visiting from Sept to April)
Flashlight/headlight and batteries
Alarm clock
Note book and pen
Proof of inoculations (including tetanus)
First aid kit and and any personal medication
Insect/mosquito repellant
Mosquito net
Medical Aid card
Cash or access to cash for personal use before and after your stay at Harnas .
A book (for personal enjoyment or to read to our blind vervet monkey Audrey!)
Pocket knife (optional)
Power adaptor: 220/240 volts. Outlets are of the round 3 pin – 15 amp type
Sleeping bag (optional) —we provide sleeping bags for sleep-outs with the animals, however if you would prefer to bring your own or if you are coming during the winter months and would like some extra warmth at night, please feel free to bring your own.

General Information


To be able to volunteer in Namibia, you will require a work visa (or temporary employment permit ) This is not a visa that must be stamped in your passport; but is simply a printed document that is presented at Namibian customs. The application for and the documentation needed can be handled by Harnas. Please note that this will have a cost attached of NAD 950 which is not included in the program fee.
Be aware that Namibian work visas can take up to eight weeks from date of application to date of issue. Ifyou submit your application later than 8 weeks before your arrival date, we cannot guarantee your visa will
be issued in time. Please, also note that Namibia only issues work visas for three-month periods. While extensions is be possible, these cannot be guaranteed and are still subject to the six-week processing time. If you are traveling in Namibia after your stay at Harnas, please make sure your work visa is valid for the entire duration of your stay in the country.

The programs start on a Friday and end on a Thursday.
If you are flying into Namibia, please arrange for a flight to Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek.
As our transport leaves very early Friday morning, we ask volunteers to arrive in Windhoek on the Thursday.
You are responsible for arranging your own accommodation for that night. Recommendation:
The airport is about 30-45 minutes away from Windhoek city. Should your flight arrive on the same day as that of our bus leaving for Harnas and your flight is delayed, we cannot wait for any one at the airport and transfer to Harnas will be for your own account.
A transfer from the airport to Windhoek city is not included in the project fee and should be arranged and paid directly by the volunteers.
The transfer from Windhoek City to Harnas takes approximately 3 hours and is included in the program fee.
The Harnas shuttle bus will pick you up at your accommodation
establishment strictly at 09h00. Please remain at your accommodation establishment. Please ensure that we have received the necessary
information about your pick-up spot at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival in Namibia.
At the end of the program, you will arrive back in Windhoek at around lunchtime. Our shuttle bus will drop you off at your arranged accommodation establishment. Please ensure we have all your pre and post accommodation details.


While you are at Harnas, you will not use cash or credit cards for your day-to-day purchases (i.e. to make purchases at the lapa/bar). Instead, we use a “tab” system. The reason for this is to prevent cash and other valuables potentially getting lost in the shuffle of day-to-day activities (or stolen by a sneaky baboon!). The “tab” is then debited to your account. When the time comes to leave Harnas, you can pay off your final bill using either a credit card or cash.
Harnas farm has an ATM machine on-site, so there is no need to obtain large amounts of cash in Windhoek or Gobabis on your way in. As a matter of fact, we discourage volunteers to carry too much cash.
While it is always savvy to carry a certain amount of money for emergency purposes with you while traveling, there is little or no benefit of arriving at the Harnas farm with excess cash. If you need cash while on the farm for some reason or desire some for post Harnas travels, you can use our ATM or obtain money from an ATM in Gobabis on the drive out.

Arrival and Orientation – Your first few days:

Friday –
Pick up at your designated spot. Departure to and Arrival at Harnas.
Upon arrival at Harnas, volunteers are introduced to the head coordinator and village mom and are shown their accommodation and facilities at the village/units. The first day is a quick induction, where coordinators
give a full background on Harnas Wildlife Foundation, its history, policies and rules, as well as all the guidelines and regulations on how to work and interact with the various animals at Harnas. Settle in and unpack.

Saturday –
Full induction training and a tour on the farm area for orientation of the working environment and work areas.

Sunday –
During a morning tour you will meet all the animals outside the farm area. Also you can go to the Church if applicable. In the afternoon you will meet the cheetahs and baboons.

Monday to Thursday –
Detailed training on food prep/feeding, care and cleaning as well as the handling of different animals with regards to interactions.


All of our volunteers will be housed in our Volunteer Village. This is
an area, about a 10-minute walk (700 metres) from the main farm area, set aside solely for the volunteers.

There are several wooden cabins, communal showers, toilet facilities, and a bar/eating area where you will have all your meals. There is also a small swimming pool. You will share a cabin with up to three other
volunteers of the same gender. Bed linen is provided as well as a towel. You will have a shelving unit for your clothes and other stuff. Toilet and showering facilities are located in the middle of the cabin area.

There are 12 individual shower stalls and several toilet stalls. The volunteer village is located right next to a waterhole and there is something magical about watching kudu, wildebeest, eland and springbok—as well
as the occasional giraffe or zebra—grazing or taking a drink on your way to breakfast as the sun rises over the grassland.


Valuables such as passports, credit cards and cash are lock away in a central safe and will only be accessed by yourself.

You will receive three meals per day which include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Meals are generally basic but tasty and filling. Breakfast can be porridge, cereal, eggs or pancakes.
Common dishes for lunch and dinner include burgers, goulash, pasta with meat sauces, rice, sauce and potatoes. Namibia is a meat-eating country and this you will notice as many of your meals will contain meat.
However, we can accommodate vegetarians, as well as other dietary requirements. We have experience catering for lactose-free and gluten-free diets, as well as for other intolerance’s. Please be aware though
that Harnas is located in a relatively remote part of Namibia. If you have extensive dietary requirements, please coordinate with Harnas in advance to ensure that we are prepared for your arrival and we are aware
of exactly what your require. We cannot just pop out to the store here!

Volunteers can make use of Harnas’ laundry service. Each cabin will have a specific day on which they can bring in their dirty laundry. You must however wash your own underwear and socks. Please use designated
washbasins and washing lines only. Do not forget to bring washing powder.

All our drinking water is sub-terrain and very safe to drink. Your coordinator will tell you which taps to use.

Electrical Supply:

Namibia electrical power is 240 volts AC. The volunteer village is run on solar power and each room has solar panel lights. Since there are no electric sockets at the village, we do offer a separate room at the main farm, where volunteers can charge their cell phones, laptops and cameras.


There is a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs. Taking of illegal drugs is not permitted and any offenders will be removed from the program immediately.


Speak to your project leader on-site for information on smoking areas and disposing of such items and remember, you are on a farm/reserve where animals roam and there can be a high risk of fires.


A responsible level of drinking for those of legal age (18yrs) during free time is allowed. Alcohol is never to be consumed during working hours. Any participants who have endangered their safety and/or the safety of others through irresponsible drinking or behavior will be removed from the program without refund.

Working hours:

The working day starts at 08h00 and generally finishes around 17h30. Lunch is between 13h00 and 15h00. Although every effort is made to afford the volunteer some time off during weekends for sport and relaxation it must be kept in mind that Harnas is a working farm and animals must be cared for 7 days a week.

Safety Tips

Volunteers must conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner at all times
• Always listen to information and advise given by your project leader and other members of staff – They DO know best!
• Don’t leave your belongings unattended – keep any valuables locked away
• DO NOT put hands or anything else through any animal enclosures
• Hitchhiking is not permitted or advisable
• Traveling alone in the dark is not recommended
• Always be aware of your surroundings
• Never give beggars money – there will be opportunities to make donations if you so wish
• Do not carry large amounts of cash with you
• Leave your passport safely locked up

Health & Vaccinations

You are responsible to ensure you have adequate health insurance along with any necessary vaccinations needed for your trip. Please seek advise from your local doctor or travel clinic for any requirements.
Harnas Wildlife Foundation has an on-site clinic stocked with extensive first-aid supplies, as well as other basic necessities such as antibiotics etc. We recently installed a defibrillator and a nebulizer. Volunteer
Coordinators and other staff are trained in First Aid and CPR. There is a hospital with full facilities just one hour away. There are also physicians available in town for less urgent concerns. Should a volunteer require
a visit to the doctor for any reason, Harnas can coordinate transport for that volunteer into town to obtain care.
You must please inform us of any medical information such as: allergies, prescribed medication and any known medical conditions.

Recommended vaccinations:

Hepatitis A
Rabies (if working with animals)

Things to remember

• Did you inform us where to pick you up in Windhoek?
• Have you arranged your transfer to and from the Windhoek International airport for your pre and post accommodation at Harnas (the airport is situated approximately 50 km outside of Windhoek)?
• Double-check your visa that it is valid for the total duration of your stay in Namibia.
• Remain at your hotel [reception] until we collect you.
• Harnas provides a place to stay at during your visit, but we are not responsible for your hygiene and dietary wants. Please remember to pack your own toiletries and even though basic items are available at our staff shop, we do not have a supermarket.

What if I want to stay longer

Great! Many volunteers choose to extend when they realize how fast the Harnas experience flies by. It is very easy to extend your stay while you are on-site. Just fill out our extension form, check whether your
work visa is valid for the duration you wish to extend to, adjust travel arrangements and if space available, you are set to stay. Please be aware that if you need to apply for a work visa extension, such extensions can
take up to eight weeks to process.

Time Commitment

Up to 2 weeks

Day(s) of the week:

Time of the day:
All day

Hours per day:
8 Hours

Skills needed

Go Vet Program  Certificate in order to take part in the vet program

Go Wildlife Program- No Skills are required

Go Caretaker - Must be booked for atleast 4 to 5 weeks and be an animal lover




What's included



Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner and the program


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