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Position: Village Fellow (various positions available; see below for details)

Location: Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, Rwanda

Duration: 12 months: December 2016 – December 2017

Organization Overview:

The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) is a residential community for orphaned adolescents in Rwanda, and is home to over 550 youth and 150 staff.

The Village is designed to care for, protect, and nurture Rwanda’s most vulnerable teens. In addition to an exemplary secondary education, Agahozo-Shalom offers enrichment programs in sports, arts, and culture, and provides a healthy environment that helps the teenagers grow both emotionally and intellectually.

Agahozo-Shalom is a place where traumatized teens “dry their tears” (Agahozo) and “live in peace” (Shalom). They gain skills necessary to become leaders, continue to rebuild this promising country, and make the world a better place.

Village Fellows Program Overview:

The Village Fellows program of the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village places 8-10 international volunteers (“Fellows”) at our site in Rwanda. Fellows spend 12 months living and working in the Village; they are placed into professional roles and work together with Rwandan staff to support existing programs and help develop new systems and programs. They become an integral part of the staff team that enables the Village to fulfill its goal of providing a nurturing home and exemplary formal and informal education to our kids.

In addition to their professional role, each Fellow joins a family and serves as a mentor to 16 teenage students who are in their first year of living in the Village. Fellows (in this role called Cousins) work hand-in-hand with Family Mothers and Counselors to create a loving and supportive family and home environment for our teens.

Additionally, Fellows lead and support many of the Enrichment Programs and Special Events offered in the Village after school and during the evenings.

Positions Available:

Positions are available in the following areas. Applicants are matched with open positions based on interest, skills, and experience. On your cover letter, indicate the position(s) for which you would like to be considered. Please see below for position descriptions.

1. Public Health Fellow
2. English ESL Trainer
3. English and CDC Support
4. IT Fellow
5. International Visitors Coordinator
6. Program Assistant
7. Video – Photography Trainer
8. Communications & Development Fellow
9. Monitoring & Evaluation Fellow

General Qualifications & Requirements*:

Before applying, please review the following requirements:

Each candidate should possess an undergraduate and/or advanced degree, have experience with youth development and multicultural/international programs, and must be willing to devote 12-months to living and working in the Village, understanding that work days include evenings and weekends.

An ideal candidate would have the following qualities:

· Excellent communication and organizational skills
· Fluency and proficiency in spoken English
· Ability to balance various jobs and tasks
· Ability to work independently with minimal supervision or guidance
· Interest in working for a development project and collaborating with local and international staff
· Ability to adapt to different cultures and work styles
· Strong sense of responsibility and integrity
· Flexibility, patience, resilience, determination, strong leadership
· Ideological affinity with the mission, goals and philosophy of the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village

* Note: Please include additional qualities that would make you an ideal candidate in your cover letter. Additional requirements for specific positions may apply. See Position Descriptions for details about specific positions.


The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village provides all Village Fellows/Cousins with room and board, a monthly stipend, comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance, Rwandan Visa, and round-trip airfare to Rwanda. Fellows/Cousins are responsible for all other costs not listed above (ie. passport, immunizations, etc.).

Application and Selection Process:

To initiate the process, please send a resume and a 1-page cover letter to by July 30, 2016.

Eligible candidates will go through a screening and interview process, and will be invited to complete a brief application online.

* Due to a high volume of applicants, only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until positions are filled.

The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda

Year-Long Village Fellows Program

Position Descriptions for 2016-2017

The following positions are available for the 2016-2017 Village Fellows Program. On your cover letter, indicate 1-3 positions for which you would like to be considered. Each position will comprise approximately 50% – 80% of a Fellow’s time. The remaining time will be dedicated to the following:

1) Mentoring a family of 16 teens in the Village and serving as their “Cousin”

2) Leading after-school activities

3) Tutoring students in English or other subjects

4) Assisting on other projects and tasks as needed

Communications & Development Fellow – This Fellow will serve as a liaison to the New York office, providing the support necessary to further marketing, communications, and development efforts both in Rwanda and the U.S. Elements of the job will include writing and posting weekly blogs, coordinating and/or writing a quarterly newsletter, maintaining Village archives, taking photos and video of Village events, collecting photos from staff and other Fellows, assisting with social media, and other related tasks as needed. This Fellow will work with the Village Director and staff from all departments to gather necessary information to relay to the NYC office. S/he will also work directly with students and staff to write articles for the blog, newsletters, etc. Strong writing skills and the ability to work independently and manage time are essential; preference to individuals who have experience in journalism, photography and/or videography and are able to share these skills with our students.

English and Career Development Fellow – The English and Career Development Fellow will support the Village’s Career Development Coordinator in the Career Development Department and will support Village initiatives in English language learning. Main responsibilities will include tutoring English, supporting students to gather the materials they need to apply for jobs and scholarships and providing career guidance. The Fellow will support students to develop their skills in public speaking, interviewing and writing. Duties may also include designing English curricula for “Enrichment Year” students, managing the library, and working to create an overall culture of English enrichment. Experience teaching or tutoring English language learners is preferred.

International Visitors Coordinator – Several times per year the Village, with the hope of creating Agahozo-Shalom ambassadors, opens its doors to various groups from around the world seeking cultural exchange. The Village facilitates both day and overnight visits, as well as multi-week service learning trips. The International Visitors Coordinator will work with both types of visitors and will serve as a liaison to the New York office to manage all visiting groups. S/he will craft detailed, tailored itineraries and coordinate activities with students and staff to ensure that visitors have a meaningful and positive experience. The Fellow in this position will work closely with multiple departments to organize relevant meetings and events to give groups a holistic look at different aspects of the Village. Additionally, s/he will partner with third party tour operators to plan external day excursions. The Fellow will manage all pre-­trip logistics including budget creation, fund procurement, guest travel, medical forms, Letters of Agreement, and briefings, as well as post-­trip logistics including trip evaluations, group fundraising follow ­up, and post­-visit engagement. S/he is responsible for providing comprehensive tours of the Village and helping group participants to learn about Rwandan culture/history. The Fellow will act as the on­ the ­ground point ­person for the group and serve as a link to local staff for the entire duration of service­ learning trips. The Fellow should be comfortable facilitating discussion sessions and leading conversations on sensitive history. Preference given to applicants who have experience leading groups and managing volunteers.

Information Technology Coordinator – Reporting to the Village Director, the Information Technology Coordinator will be responsible for the administration, maintenance and troubleshooting of a Village-wide network made up of a 100 seat computer lab, computers located in residences as well as Village-owned and personal laptop systems. The Fellow will be responsible for liaising with the NYC office and Liquidnet to address the Village’s needs. Candidates with the following experience are highly encouraged to apply:

· Linux system setup, administration and troubleshooting (especially Inveneo Desktop Linux and/or Ubuntu)
· Windows XP/Vista troubleshooting
· TCP/IP networking
· Internet access administration and troubleshooting (VSAT experience a plus)
· Wireless networking (Ubiquity Nano/PS2 experience a plus)
· Printer setup, maintenance and troubleshooting
· Virus prevention, detection, removal
· Open Office support
· Microsoft Office support
· Flexibility and willingness to work with people of varying computer experience, work styles and cultures is critical

English ESL Trainer – The English ESL Trainer will support the Village’s English Language Learners (ELL), providing English Language Enrichment at the High School and support for teachers and Village personnel on skills to expand English Language Literacy in speaking, understanding, reading and writing with career, higher education and life skills related programming. Candidates with TESOL certification and/or formal teaching experience are highly encouraged to apply.

Public Health Specialist – The Public Health Fellow will support the Health & Wellness Team to maintain healthcare standards, coordinate treatment programs, and provide efficient healthcare operations. The Fellow will be responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of activities and programs within Health and Wellness and will help to improve preventive strategies for health problems in the Village. Candidates with degrees in Public Health or a related field are highly encouraged to apply.

Monitoring & Evaluation Fellow – The M&E Fellow will be tasked with growing and maintaining the Village’s evolving information-gathering systems. These systems will be used and shared across departments in order for The Village to make informed decisions. The Fellow’s responsibilities will include: creating and maintaining databases that can be used cross-departmentally, ensuring data integrity across the Village, tracking and monitoring Village alumni, and designing measurement tools to monitor programming. Candidates with a background in social sciences, development studies, statistics or economics are highly encouraged to apply.

Program Assistant Fellow – The Program Assistant Fellow will support the Informal Education department in the Village. Informal education encompasses all programs that happen outside of the high school, including all after-school, weekend activities and special events. The Fellow in this department will assist the Program Coordinator with overall management and administrative functions of daily activities in the Informal Education department, including event/program scheduling and follow-up reporting. S/he might also lead activities in the areas of sports, arts, or music. Ideal candidates will be highly organized and have experience working in informal or experiential education and must be comfortable leading groups and planning activities.

Video & Photography Trainer Fellow – Part of the Informal Education department, our photo and video programs enable students to learn new skills and provide an outlet for expression and creativity. The Photo & Videography Trainer will work directly with students and lead classes on photography and videography and should have advanced skills in each of these areas, as well as knowledge of software and editing so that s/he can teach these skills to our students. S/he will work closely with the Management team in the Village, as well as in New York to assist with marketing and storytelling endeavors. S/he will also work closely with the New York office to produce mass media (video and photo) marketing materials about the Village.

Time Commitment


Day(s) of the week:

Time of the day:
All day

Skills needed

Please see full job description

What's included

Room and board, monthly stipend, medical and evacuation insurance, Rwandan Visa, round-trip airfare included

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